Our Service:

Top Travel Agent in MP


Kashyap Travels agency provides a wide range of services as a travel agent, which we categorize as follows:

Travel Planning:

Providing assistance in planning and organizing business trips, which encompasses booking flights, hotels, arranging transportation, and crafting detailed itineraries.

Passenger assistance:

Passenger assistance deals with unexpected travel issues like illness, accidents, emergencies, lost luggage, and documents, ensuring problems are resolved.

Expense Management:

Monitoring and managing travel expenses, including reimbursement, to ensure cost-effectiveness and budget control.

Technology Solutions:

Implementing travel management software and tools to streamline booking, approvals, and reporting processes.


Consulting encompasses various aspects closely tied to travelers' needs and interests. This involves understanding the client's preferences, including their desired destinations, travel routes, cost management, accommodation options, and travel policy adherence.

We are committed to delivering 100% of our services, which include:

Hotel Booking:

Through our hotel and resort booking service, we prioritize your preferences to provide appropriate hotel and resort booking solutions. Your ideal accommodations, with excellent arrangements, are offered to you at reasonable rates.

Car Rental Service:

We offer car rental solutions according to your needs and preferences. We have a variety of car models (swift/ desire / etc.) and types available, all of which can be rented at competitive rates.
If you're traveling with a larger group of family or friends, you also have the option to book a minivan or bus, doubling your enjoyment during the journey.
"Our dedication ensures a seamless experience in both these essential aspects of your travel."