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Pachmarhi Hill Resort is situated in the Central Indian Highlands in Satpura Range in Madhya Pradesh. The highest point is Dhup Garh at 3500 ft above sea level. Also known as the queen of Satpura it is a picturesque hill resort in India. Pachmarhi is also a protected area and is notified as wildlife sanctuary besides being part of Pachmarh Biosphere reserve.

The topography of Pachmarhi is hilly with dense forest canopies all over. Interspersed all over are deep glens, rivers, and canyons. The region has been subject to pristine settlements mostly by tribal communities like the Gonds and the Korkus. The holiday destination is full of pristine pool with crystal clear mountain water, a number of falls, caves with tribal paintings or petroglyphs dating back to 20,000 years.

Many caves and hills have formation of Hindu Idols hence are visited by many on regions pilgrimage. It is home to number of animals like tigers, leopards, bison and deer. These are rarely seen due to movement of tourists. Wildlife can best be seen during the late night hours. Pachmarhi is also a very good birding destination with unique bird species to be checklisted.

What to see in Pachmadi:

Dhup Garh:- The highest point in the resort offers mesmerizing view of verdant hill ranges and magnificent sunset and sunrise.

Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point):- A spectacular sunset and sunrise awaits you here .

Jamuna Prapat (Bee Fall):- The fall is not as deep as the Silver Falls but a number of pools near the pit offers a wonderful place to bath.

Apsara Vihar (Fairy Pool):-
Enjoy a dip in crystal clear water of this pristine pool on the way to the silver falls.

Jata Sankar:- The shiveling at the cave entrance is most visited on holy pilgrimage. The cave is unfthomable and is embedded in the mountains. The bottom is always inundated with cold water making the whole place colder offers a respite during the summers.

Rajat Prapat (Silver Fall):- Water falls to what appears a bottomless pit deep into the valley. The vegetaion below is subject to mush research by botanists. The water breaks over the rock and the winds often convert it into fine misty sprays hence the name.

Handi Khoh:- The deep valley between the mountain ranges create a grand canyon like splendor albeit the mountains are covered by dense forests.

Denva Darsan:- The river Denva meanders through steep cliffs on the way to human settlements. The spectacle of snaking river and sandy beaches can best be described as mesmerizing. This pointison the way to Pachmarhi Hill Resort.

Jalawataran (Duchess Falls):- A strenous descent of four km reaches the pit worth going to for those with strong legs. The cascades tumble down with a roar and trumpet and create shallowpools nearby. A bath and a picnic is worth the experience. .

Baded Mahadeo:- is a pilgrimage pint among the cave in the mountains. Idolsof Hindu Gods and Godess are enshrined here for the worshipers who throng here all the time. The idols of Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, Ganesha and Lord Brahma of holy trinity.

Gupt Mahadeo:- a passage leads to Gupt Mahadev from the 60 feet cave of Made Mahadev. This is a narrow passage between the inner walls of the mountain and only few tourists can pass through at a time. Lord Gansesh and Shivlinga is enshrined here for the worshippers.

Chauragarh:- About a thousand steps have to be tackled before on can each the abode of Lord Shiva in the Pachmarhi Hills. A along the way Trisuls are embeded and it takes about three to four hours to reach the idol of Lord Shiva. The spectacular beauty of hills, valleys and meadering rivers manifests itself the best here.

Reechhgarh:- Supposed to be inhabited by sloth bears the cave like entrance is a wonder. A natural ampitheatre like formation is what describes the place best..

How to Reach

-- By Air the nearest airport is Bhopal(210 km)
-- By Rail Pipariya (47 km)on the Mumbai –Howrah mainline.
-- By Road there are departures by Jeep to Pachmarhi at regular intervals .Taxis are also available at Pipariya.
-- Best season Through-out the year.

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