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Situated in Central India Jabalpur is an ancient city on the banks of holy River Narmada. The city is named after Hindu Saint Jabali though the town's history dates back to ancient times. The city was an important seat of Raj Gonds with capital at Garha. The Madan Mahal Fort was built during the times of Gond Kingdom by ancestors of martyr Rani Durgawati a valiant queen who fought the invading Moghuls.

The town is the largest in population and area in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous for Marble Rock or Beraghat and Dhuandhar Falls. Marble Rocks originate from the falls on river Narmada. The river traverses through the gorge ideal for serene boating amongst limestone rocks with hues of dazzling colors.

Today Jabalpur is HQ of many public concerns namely MPEB, Central Railway, Army, Defense Factories besides training center for Signals, Telecommunication etc. The city has three Universities, Agriculture, Veterinary and Rani Durgvati University. This makes it an important hub for modern education with large numbers of Technical Institutes, colleges and schools.

Jabalpur Tourist Attraction:

Bhedaghat - Marble Rocks : The gorge as described above is excellent for boating among rocks of marble on placid surface of Narmada River. The boat rides takes about 45 minutes through mesmerizing landscape and is a memorable experience.

Dhuandhar Falls: Cascading down with brute force Narbada falls down in a depression at the begining of the gorge. The tumbling water give rise to fine misty spray as it hits the rocks. The uprising mist creates a spectacle which resembles a curtain of smoke hence the name. (Dhuan = smoke Dhar=Stream)

Rope Way: The cable car ride accords and overview of Bhaundhar as it transacts from one end to another. The other side of the bank is ideal for sightseeing as well a quick picnic. It is a short ride to and fro.

Chausatyogini : The 10th Century temple enclave is dedicated to Goddess Durga and her 64 consorts. A Shiva Temple was built in the center of the open courtyard during the Kalchuri period. The temple was invaded by a Mughal Tyrant and the statues were badly disfigured. Today this ancient architectural marvel stands testimony to hard times but survives. Thousand of visitor arrive here to witness the historical marvel very near to Marble Rocks.

Balancing Rock: Jabalpur is popular volcanic rock formations at Lametaghat on the river bank and elsewhere. One such spectacle is the Balancing Rock near Madan Mahal Fort. The huge boulder sits precariously on the igneous rocks that support it with amazingly bare contact.

Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum: Dedicated to valiant Gond Queen Durgavati the museum houses ancient artifacts and statues dating back to 10th Century. Visit to discover ancient sculptures, inscriptions and relics.

Madan Mahal Fort: Built by Raja Madan Shah of the Gond Dynasty in 11th Century this a more of a outpost later turned into a Royal Chamber. It is said a treasure of gold bricks is hidden somewhere in unknown confines of the Fort.

Dumna Nature Reserve - A reservoir built during the British Raj with dense forests encircling the banks. It is an ideal picnic place with wildlife safari as an added feature. The Khandari Reservoir abound in crocodiles and wetland birds in winters. Visit MPT cafeteria for mouth watering snacks.

Bargi Dam Jabalpur is about 40 kms / 45 mins. from Jabalpur city. The irrigation dam is built on River Narmada river. The recreation center established by MPTDC offers cruise and speed boat rides. One can see the dam from here and enjoy the mesmerizing scape of forested hills that encircle the modern structure.

Kachnar City Shiva Temple :
A 76 ft. high statue of Lord Shiva with well managed garden is ideal for praying as well as to spend relaxing hours in confines of a bustling city.

Pariyat Tank: Is a reservoir surrounded by scenic mountains and enchant you with their verdant greenery the encircles the water body. The forests are home to many birds and animals besides the muggers in the reservoir.

Jabalpur offers all kinds of family entertainment and luxury hotels for accommodations. The main markets are Sadar, City and Gorakhpur ideal for making purchases and getting to know the mega city.

How to Reach:

By Air: Dumna airport is 20km from Jabalpur .
By Rail: Jabalpur is on the Mumbai – Howrah vai Allahabad main line, the main railhead.
Best Season : October to May.

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