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Sanchi is World renowned Buddhist Pilgrimage Destination well known for its Stupa. These round domed structure with characteristic Ashokan Gate. The relics and scriptures are kept here tended by monks who live in the ashrams nearby. The Stupas are and architectural marvel and oldest stone structures in India. Sanchi is situated in Raisen District on Madhya Pradesh in Central India. The destination is closest to Bhopal and Vidisha Districts. The former is capital of MP.

Some of the must visit places are:

The Great Stupa No.1

Stupa No. 2 2nd Century BC

Stupa No.3 contains relics of Sariputra and Mahamogalana disciples of the Buddha.

Ashoka Pillar near the Southn Gateway of Great Stupa.

The Gupta Temple.

The Great Bowl.

Temple 18.

The Monastery and Temple 45.

The Archaeological Survey of India Museum.

Sanchi distance from cities:
Bhopal Indore Nagpur Delhi Nasik Pune Hyderabad Mumbai Bangalore Ujjain
67 km 287 km 405 km 678 km 699 km 890 km 891 km 892 km 1468 km 257 km

Sanchi Stupas (Click to Enlarge)