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Orchha - Saga of the Maharajahs

If you wish to experience the bygone era whence the Maharajahs ruled in India then visit Orchha. The destination compels you with its offering on the serene settings of the Betwa River. Orchha is situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is a prime holiday destination with 16th and 17th century Places, Temples and Forts.

The scenic splendor and the historical monuments spell bind the visitors. The monuments offer a glimpse into the trubid history of the Bundelkhan Region in MP. The rustic lifestyle and serene surroundings free you from the shackles of urban urgencies.

Places of interest are the Sheesh Mahal, Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, Vanavasi Temple, Betwa Cenotaphs, Laxmi Temple, Gunj Gate and much more. The destination of peace loving people offers you an opportunity to understand and appreciate the rustic lifestyle, colorful culture and day to day activities the locals. This is a golden opportunity to escape from the maddening crowd and regale in the confines of this anceient township in Center of India.

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